A: Open culture :

At eMobitech, we value individual ability more than individual experience. We have a “zero fear” environment and believe in an ” Open culture ” policy; where people are free to share ideas and reach any level of hierarchy. We highly value ideas for innovation in the workplace.

B: Emphasis on consistent performance :

Everything that we do is client centric, We lay very strong emphasis on delivering a consistently strong performance with dedication and focus towards our expertise area. Remuneration and salary revisions are completely performance based. We encourage employees to have a strong sense of accountability in the way they operate to deliver continuous profitable performance. We value excellence over short term results.

C: Work Ethics :

Whatever we do is driven by strong sense of ethics in our processes and hence is completely non-negotiable in terms of quality and loyalty.

D: Diversity, Inclusion and Fairness :

We value diversity and give equal employment opportunities to talented people from all geographies and walks of life. We embrace an inclusive workplace environment where talent and ideas are the most important.

E: Work with smile

We actively promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere where employees trust, connect well with each other and collaborate comfortably. We don’t believe in a very formal, quiet and stiff environment however professionalism is the key behind our flexible work culture.