Bus Route Management Software with the help of PS base Vehicle Tracking Software, we also designed bus / Train route solution which works for different geo location and pre define rout with voice over information with LED base info-graphics for each stop with time and expected time to next stop. It also give voice over alert for next stop arrival. This system used for Bus transport, Tram transport, Train transport and Tourist transportation vehicles. Here is the key feature list for the software with GPS base Rout management features. Define specific route and add LED system for blinking
These are the core freature of an application:

  • Graphical Dashboard with LED alert
  • Over speed intimation
  • Real time Path and History
  • Geo Fencing with In/Out time
  • Halt time , Engine off and on time
  • Distance Traveled Route
  • Deviation with In/Out time
  • Route Deviation Report
  • Rout History Report
  • Route Wise Detail
  • Report Route
  • Trip summary
  • Route base Fuel consumption Report
  • Route base Mileage Report
  • Multiple Rout [ Up to 999 ]
  • One way and circular rout
  • Sync with Station Terminals for real time arrival
  • update Advertisement Module
TV will be fixed in every bus Advertisement with these features:
  • TV will be controlled by online portal
  • Geo base advertisement Management can be done
  • Driver Module Driver Details with MDM [ Mobile Device Management ]
  • Driver get SMS / Text for Bus number and Rout
  • Fuel Module Mileage Report
  • Engine on and Off report during traffic
  • Fuel input report
  • Bus Service record
  • Service after particular Kilometer alert
  • Service oil change status
  • Service Part change report
  • Next due date report
  • Technology Requirements :
  • 2G network / 3G network
  • GMS Card Connectivity [ Wifi ] at every terminus
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