Employee Monitoring Software understands that Productivity is the key for every organisation and their employee should respect the professionalism. We design this system called Employee Monitor System to measure the active movement and identify productive time from the system of an employee.

Industry :

Information Technology, Data entry and Chat Support BPO / KPO, Corporate and Accounting offices

Product Introduction :

Once employee come to office, by his face [ All in one PC or Web Cam or Laptop cam ] system enter his attendance, after it mouse movement or page up down movement is must along with keyboard movements to be productive. System will notify all movement and if there is not movement for one fixed standard time then it will autometically take picture from cam to view that is employee is on the place or doing something else.

These pics will go along with report and help organisation to identify the non value added time spent on different activity by employees with picture as evidence.

Feature :person-03

– Auto log in with Face recognition
– Attendance keeper
– Break time keeper
– Activity keeper
– Ideal on PC log with photo
– Office hours and overtime / early exit notification
– CSV output for reports and Integration.

Cost : $ 8000 for Buyout solution with one free installation
+ $ 1000 for support Per Annam.

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