• Telecom

    Telecom is one of the fasters growing industry in to imaging and developing countries like Africa, Asia and some of European country. We designed plan , strategy , Technological documentation and pre deployment analysis for this industry as well as designing software to manage recharge, support vendors and user accounts is another part we executed for our international telecom player

    You can contact us for case study from our contact us page.

  • FMCG and Retail

    We offer end ot end solution for FMCG industry. We manage process, manufacturing and distribution cycle with our technology expertise and automation ready platform.
    We design software for supply chain management, Manufacturing, Resource Planing, Marketing and demand analysis.

    We also provide mobility solution for the FMCG for sales and marketing with eCommerce platform and create Business Intelligence to ensure total control on consumer psychology analysis. We cover it under our enterprise mobility sector and also provide end to end consulting from idea to implementation.

  • Education

    Education changes their methodology many time since last few years. Its not become more technology oriented and easy to access. It also become process oriented where online fees, results, mark, notification, seat location and even exam schedule use to published to follow. Now a days many university has their own iPhone and Android mobile application to let their students know which lecture is going on in which classroom and which faculty is taking the lecture.

    We provide these solution in to education industry :

    – School and College mobile application
    – Online Book publishing
    – Creative Q&A application
    – Institute Management Software

    We also has expertise on .NET, and other education base software like e Front etc for developing such enterprise applications.

  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas is one of the key industry which has great value proposition for technology and its input. Oil and Gas has many parameters to measure for greater performance prospective.

    We analyse and design flow base BA solution for these vertices of Oil and Gas industry.

    Upstream Solution
    Middle-stream Solution
    Downstream Solution

    You can contact us to get detailed case study for the same.

  • Accounting and Finance

    Finance and Accounting

    We work with many financial organisation to understand their process, functions and technology match for improvement in to domain. We also provided technology solutions for many financial institutes across the globe.

    For accounting we offer automation solution for software like

    – Viztopia
    – Tally
    – Quck Books
    – Quicken
    – MYOB


    Professional Services :

    We also provide professional services for FPO [ Financials Process Outsourcing ] which aligns with CPA and provide you data entry and accounting entry work. We provide dedicated resource or team to work on your server / pc for data security. We work 24/5 on to deliver faster work to you.

  • Insurance

    Quick Insurance and claim processing with software is acquired by many companies and we are happy to contribute in to it. We can design end to end solution which covers total processing of medical coding, billing and even transcription with optimum quality. We can offer end to end Insurance claim processing solution with cloud model for quick , fast and secure access from everywhere from your Mobile and Desktop base hardware.

    We design it country specific to match the governance and compliance of the insurance processing and also equipped with great BI tools for forecasting and post policy analysis.

  • Utility and Enargy

    Utility is another domain of expertise where we contributed with our technological skills and analytically sound experience. We also design web and logo for many of water and other utility companies.

    We designed these key technology software

    – Water distribution solution
    – Utility website with real time data
    – Online Water booking system

    You can contact us for more details and case studies.

  • Entertainment and Media

    Entertainment and Media is one of the most flashy, fan oriented and attractive industry to work for. We offer many back end solution for celebrity, actors and models. We can help them by managing their

    – Website
    – Blog
    – Tweeter
    – Facebook Fanpage
    – PPC
    – Image Marketing
    – Interview
    – PR

    We provide end to end consulting with core focus on improving genuine fan base and create e Presence with quality social media optimisation. We also provide ORM – Online Reputation Management as solution to remove bed links or unautorised image publishing. You can contact us for our end to end solution for Entertainment and Media.

  • IT and Cloud

    Cloud computing is the rise of a new era, where we provide our consultancy to be with the market. We offer this to ensure that your company do not run behind the trend, and it can get all key advantage of next trend and technology.

    Not only that we provide our consulting and solutions for :

    – Cloud Hosting
    – Cloud Migration
    – Cloud Infrastructure
    – SaaS Consulting
    – IaaS Consulting
    – PaaS Consulting
    – Cloud Planing

    We offer these solution for website and software .