Industry : Any industry which use Mobility as Solution

Utility : Design custom made MDM solution for Process Improvement and Control

Product Introduction :

Mobile Device Management [ MDM ] is term used for a native application which got designed for enterprise mobility to control and measure their end to end work flow from the device. We provide MDM for multiple mobile oriented process by using key element of devices such like GPS, wifi, Blue tooth, 3G / 4G connectivity and NFC connectivity. etc. MDM is the most secure way as the access of the software / app will be monitored or managed from back end of the device.

ROI and Value Proposition :

  • Ensuring maximum use of assets with secure and real-time data for reports
  • Maximum benefit of mobile network connectivity with low rate and high performance
  • Profitability of easy User Management
  • Enhance work flow and end user experience

Core Features :

Here are the core feature of MDM.

  • Customised Alerts and Notifications
  • Real time tracking of Device and Activity
  • Can limit and Monitor device usage
  • Maintains device logs for functions such as device on / off , battery level, low battery indicator, attempt of accessing unrestricted app or page etc.
  • View of GPS co-ordinates of device every Sec. /Min /Hour / Day
  • Improvised device security as per different hierarchy level
  • Controls device system for functions like SMS, Internet usage , calls etc.
  • It could be used at Multi location with multi dimensional functions
  • Alerts the misuse of mobile devices to the reporting hierarchy
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